Trees for Africa

Duluti Green Foundation Trust. Environmental Conservation Program. Tanzania, as well as many other countries in the world, faces different challenges due to climate change and the growth of population. Former forests (which were a fertile living space for several species of animals and reptiles) got cut down to create more space for farming purposes and [...]

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This feature is meant as our helping-booster We try to collect money for all the projects we are supporting and we guaranty that the money you support us with will be spent on just the by you named purpose. In order to do so, we grant you the access to our Donators Page the needed [...]

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We believe that Education is a necessity and not a privilege, we believe our children to be equipped with the necessary education, skills and training in order to meet the development needs of our communities Tengeru cultural Tourism is actively engaged in building classrooms, painting class and raise awareness of the environment conservation for the [...]

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The Project             Hospitals and health care can be really different from what you experienced in your home country. Usually the access to health care depends on a person’s income, since insurances are not common. It can be really interesting for interns and volunteers to experience the clinical routine in a country like Tanzania [...]

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Womans projects

We aim to help Women to be empowered and empower themselves by highlighting the voices that have struggled to be heard. We believe thriving communities start with powerful women How we really care We give them financial support to start a small entrepreneurship We organize volunteers to provide knowledge on how to run their entrepreneurship. [...]

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Make lifelong connections while helping these most in need .Tanzania orphanage work is great project to share your love, passion and help as it goes to people who need it the most. By volunteering, you will be helping these orphanages to provide more care and attention to the children. What we have done We managed [...]

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