This feature is meant as our helping-booster We try to collect money for all the projects we are supporting and we guaranty that the money you support us with will be spent on just the by you named purpose. In order to do so, we grant you the access to our Donators Page the needed [...]

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As schools in general are not asking for any fees it seems nessesary to help the children, and their parents, with the costs that accure for school-meals, school-clothing and school matrerials in general. Therefor it seems to be nessesary to give the schools itself a hand with some basic things they need.   Patandi School [...]

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we try to give a helping hand to those who are suffering in a hospital from any illness. We try to make their life a bit easier.   Hospitals   Patandi hospital ✦Support by sending volunteering Doctors and Nurses ✦Supply Foods for the patients ✦Organisation of medical supplies to be organized  

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Womans projects

We try to help woman to finf their way into society again. Giving them a hand to earn a living on their own. Be an acceptet member of their community.   Women's Groups (HIV/AIDS affected women) Ikura Group Tamiha Group Shalani Group Ikirwa Group Engiretashadai Group Posa Group (mostly women) ✦Financial support to start a [...]

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We give a helping hand to the following, all is payed for by the fees you are paying for the tours you are taking   Global Orphanage ✦We set up Buildings ✦We built a kitchen to cook for the children ✦Let Cupboards to be build ✦Blankets for the children ✦sometimes School-fees ✦Clothing ✦School-supplies as books, [...]

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