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Learn the Fine art of cooking with a local family while be introduced to a range of dishes that are the favorites of the local. This tour is about 2 to 3 hrs it depends on the number of visitors for big number of visitors it may takes more than 3 hours . After all, [...]

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This can be done by biking and walking. Client will experience marvelous waterfall with a very nice view of greenish vegetations, different species of birds,trees,animals.Also experience fish keeping and knowledge on how to keep them, and big avocado farm . Tour takes up to 9 hours. Located 9 KM away from TCTP. ENVIRONMENTAL TREE PLANTING. [...]

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Water falls tour

MOUNT MERU WATERFALLS Enjoying nature on a walk to one of our waterfalls attractions. Whereby you’ll get a chance to choose one of our three waterfalls, which are Mangalia Falls (6km), Songota Falls (18km) and Mount Meru falls (16km) Round Trip. Maangalia waterfall is one of nearest to our center more easily to reach with [...]

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Lake Duluti Tours

LAKE DULUTI CANOEING TOUR Lake Duluti is a small crater lake situated in eastern Arusha. It takes approximately 20 minutes from Arusha City and 3.2km from Tengeru Cultural tourism. Canoe Tours in Lake Duluti is the ultimate canoe trip for those looking for a relaxing adventure combining with a beautiful landscape of quiet forests and [...]

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Walking tour hiking through the mountains to discover where Christianity become established in the community . Wander through the village to learn about Meru history and traditions and their life today. -  Graveyard located 2.5 KM away from TCTP grounds. -  Tour takes up to 3 hours.

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This feature is meant as our helping-booster We try to collect money for all the projects we are supporting and we guaranty that the money you support us with will be spent on just the by you named purpose. In order to do so, we grant you the access to our Donators Page the needed [...]

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Prices and conditions

Prices for Tours Full day tours   Tour Price per person Coffee – Tour + Lunch + Waterfalls 1 US $ 40,00 Coffee – Tour + Lunch + Market (Saturdays & Wednesdays only) US $ 40,00 Coffee – Tour + Buffet Lunch + Graveyard of the first (german) Missionaries US $ 40,00 Coffee farm Tour [...]

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