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Lake Duluti Tours


Lake Duluti is a small crater lake situated in eastern Arusha. It takes approximately 20 minutes from Arusha City and 3.2km from Tengeru Cultural tourism. Canoe Tours in Lake Duluti is the ultimate canoe trip for those looking for a relaxing adventure combining with a beautiful landscape of quiet forests and lakes with an element of mystery. Surrounded by forested crater walls of up to 200m high, this is a very special and quiet 1.5 to 2 hours canoeing experience with about 1100m across and covers an area of 63ha. The Lake is surrounded by a thick forest that is home to a number of reptiles like lizards and snakes, while the lake itself is a sanctuary for varies bird species ranging from aquatic to flying birds. Canoes used are 2-person Canadian canoes but can also accommodate three persons.


Take a safari around Lake Duluti hiking, covering a distance of 6.7km in Duration of 3hrs . walking tour to and around the lake, will give you an up-close of Tengeru’s vegetation and you will get experience and learn about flora and fauna (Ecological interaction). You will get to learn about medicine plants, Meru legends linked to the lake and its mysterious will enjoying the excellence weather condition. Furthermore, you’ll get a front-row viewing of the primate species like Monkeys. For ornithologist this is the home to aquatic birds and hundreds of passerine (Perching birds). Apart from birds, there are numbers of reptiles such as Monitor Lizard. On the way to Lake Duluti hiking you’ll get the chance to see and learn the interaction of local people with their daily activities with a great panoramic view of Mt. Meru, Mt. Killimanjaro (Roof of Africa), and the Tanzanite caves at Mererani. Through your tour you’ll be supporting directly the conservation of Lake Duluti forest For the Present and future generation.

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