Village Tours

Village Tours


This is walking tour around village, meet local people and see how they live ,performing their activities like farming local livestock keeping visiting entrepreneurs individually or group,local schools or and local herbalist.

Tour takes up to 3 hours.

Client will go to buy food staff from the market and finally to the kitchen for preparation to experience African dish cocking.


Client will go to the cemetery by walking or biking.
On the way will informed about different species of trees and birds, meet local people. At the cemetery will be given history of Polish people their objectives to arrived Africa who are buried there.
The first transport of 1,045 refugees arrived in the port of Tanga on 8 October 1942 and was transported by train to Tengeru station and from there by cars to the camp. By the end of the year a total of 3,000 people arrived of which nearly half were children. The views were breathtaking – people read of African landscapes and animals in Sienkiewicz’ “In Desert and Wilderness” but in most cases that was the whole knowledge about the african continent…

Tour takes up to 3 hours. 3 KM away from TCTP.

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