As schools in general are not asking for any fees it seems nessesary to help the children, and their parents, with the costs that accure for school-meals, school-clothing and school matrerials in general.
Therefor it seems to be nessesary to give the schools itself a hand with some basic things they need.


Patandi School

✦Disabled children supports
✦School supplies

Mavenonie School

✦Dwell building
✦classrooms built
✦teachers House Building
✦repainting all classrooms
✦Building a watertank for drinkingwater
✦Office shelves
✦Desks for Students
✦Sports equipment



Mavenonie Primary School

Mavenoni Primary School


Schoolbuilding built by us                                                              School Kitchen
(there is work to be done)

Uraki Secondary School

Feeling the blessings of shadow


Uraki Sec. School before we came                                                            . . . and afterwards

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