Why you’ll love this trip?

Tengeru cultural tourism has the cycling tour for you-swap the city streets for hill roads and glorious scenery,no matter your level of cycling expertise.

During cycling you will experience Authentic lifestyle and Tanzania cultures.

Feeling adventurous? Come explore with a Tengeru ctp day trip, or a multi-day ride through local villages & wildlife viewing next to your wheels!


Visitors get an opportunity time to visit Polish cemetery and Lake Duluti.

Tengeru was the biggest Polish camp in Africa (population fluctuated around 5000 souls) and was perfectly organized .This tour will take you to the Polish refugees camp where there is 150 graveyard of the polish which is almost 12km for the duration of 2.5 to 3 hrs Tengeru were suitable because of its excellent climatic conditions .This tour will give you a chance to learn about the whole history of the Polish since II World War .On the way your will learn about Flora and Fauna while see the First settlement establish by German and Polish Refugees .On the way you will visit lake Duluti where you can get a good view of the Lake .Your guides will tell you About the Meru Legends linked to the Lake and its mysteries .

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