Why you’ll love this trip?

Tengeru cultural tourism has the cycling tour for you-swap the city streets for hill roads and glorious scenery,no matter your level of cycling expertise.

During cycling you will experience Authentic lifestyle and Tanzania cultures.

Feeling adventurous? Come explore with a Tengeru ctp day trip, or a multi-day ride through local villages & wildlife viewing next to your wheels!


Visitors get an opportunity time to visit Polish cemetery and Lake Duluti.

Tengeru was the biggest Polish camp in Africa (population fluctuated around 5000 souls) and was perfectly organized .This tour will take you to the Polish refugees camp where there is 150 graveyard of the polish which is almost 12km for the duration of 2.5 to 3 hrs Tengeru were suitable because of its excellent climatic conditions .This tour will give you a chance to learn about the whole history of the Polish since II World War .On the way your will learn about Flora and Fauna while see the First settlement establish by German and Polish Refugees .On the way you will visit lake Duluti where you can get a good view of the Lake .Your guides will tell you About the Meru Legends linked to the Lake and its mysteries .

  • Biking Village Tour
  • Biking Town Tour
  • Arusha National Park Biking
  • Mererani Tanzanite Biking Tour

We will cycling to Arusha National Natural Museum where you will get to narrated about the history of Arusha during the Germany colonial.

Cycling to some of Arusha’s main sites  a great way to orient yourself in the city while getting a glimpse of daily life in local neighborhoods. You’ll see the Natural History Museum, independence monuments, the Arusha Central Market, and craft shops that are ideal for picking up unique souvenirs, with a guide to share the stories behind each destination.

This tour will take 2 to 3 hours  .The tour will end at Mount Meru Hotel at bus station .
The price for this tour per person is $50


For the first time on Tanzania bike safaris inside National Parks!  Emotive and exciting Cyclist Route in Arusha National Parks between volcanos and giraffes.Ready to pedal the adventure of your life? Join Safari Bike Africa in an exciting and challenging ride to the remote and wild parts of Tanzania! Unique and special bike trip in a magical and wild environment. Include the best professional mountain bikes in the whole of Tanzania!

Together with a park ranger, we will enter by bike to a bushy jungle, only accessible to you and by the first time in Tanzania. We will enjoy a short game drive before getting into the bike track safari. Our best bike safari for everyone levels. A flat 10 Km route that will leave us open by the singular beauty of the park in the heart of a rainforest and the possibility of finding fauna on the way. After the lunch we will start from Ngorodoto Crater the ride goes around the rim of the crater with a ranger,  we will always be escorted by a park ranger.

It is a tour of singular beauty and we will have the magnificent sensation of riding in a National Park. Bike approx 6 hours. Length 30 km Arusha National Park:  Named for its great beauty “the jewel of Africa”, with only 137 square kilometers, is the closest park of the famous “safari city” of Arusha, where our Safari Bike Africa sales office is located. Not only the wildlife abounds in it, but it is one of the most beautiful and varied topographies in Tanzania. There you will be able to see the rugged Mount Meru – the second highest peak in Tanzania with 4,566 meters in height -, Momela lakes and the caldera of Ngurdoto, which was formed about fifteen million years ago. We will be followed by the indescribable glances of giraffes, buffalos, and small primates while being immersed in a lush tropical forest. We will end with a safari on foot, with an armed park ranger, towards a beautiful waterfall, which will undoubtedly surprise you.

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