Coffee Tours

Coffee Tours

This is walking tour therefore after briefing clients start walking to coffee farm. On the way clients meet local people, see different species of trees, birds and environment in general.

Soon after arriving at the coffee farm they provided with unforgettable lecture about coffee include coffee history ie origin of coffee time coffee brought in Tanzania, how to plant, maintain,harvest and how to process it ready to the market or for consuming.

After unforgettable lecture about coffee clients walk back to the grounds of TCTP for processing coffee until they celebrate cup of coffee made by their own hands. After taking cup of coffee will go for lunch.

N.B In case they were late to come back from coffee farm to TCTP grounds they will take lunch before keep on processing coffee.

Three takes up to seven hours.
Coffee farms are allocated in different distance. Within TCTP,1 KM away and 2 KM away.

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