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Welcome to Tengeru Cultural Tours

 One of the Top rated Cultural Tourism in Tanzania.

We like to welcome you on our site.
See and meet the real people of Tanzania just by discovering the exiting programmes we have prepared for you.

By doing so, you are doing good to the people.

Because we have a vision and a mission

Our Vision:

Help self-initiative groups of community members to alleviate poverty through education, environmental protection, orphan support and community development in general, contributing to a higher standard of living for themselves and their families.

  Our Mission:
Promote community development by attracting tourists, volunteers and donors, engaging them in a consistent partnership.

Mama Gladness O. Pallangyo is the heart and soul of our organization. Her deep love to the people of Meru District  and her dedication for the preservation of the environment inspired her to take a chance in tourism and link foreign people to the local community.

She started her career as a farmer evolving to a farming specialist and teacher in primary school. Since 1990’s tourism developed in Tanzania and first volunteers came to the country. Through exchange of thoughts and ideas Mama Gladness was inspired to found a cultural tourism program. It took many years of efforts and setbacks until in 2004 Tengeru`s Cultural Tourism Programme was finally established.

Now Mama Gladness is fondly taking care of tourists, volunteers and the people in the community, developing new projects and ideas steadily. She is one of the shining examples of women empowerment and cordiality, which will also impress you.

Tengeru cultural tourism now has award for being the best cultural Tourism in Africa 2015 because of giving back to the community over 65%of its income from Tourists income.


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